The Point is This
Friday — June 24th, 2011

The Point is This

Well, it’s only taken a little over a year… okay, okay, nearly a year and a half. But here it is. One new page! I’m hopeful I’ll be able to maintain a slightly quicker pace now that things are finally settling down at my day job. Big apologies to everyone for stopping the story just when things were really starting to develop. Additional apologies for going back to the computer generated font…. truth be told, a minor part of the delay is just not having the time to even do the Ames Guide lines for the hand-drawn font. My plan in the near future, however, is to take my own font and digitize it so that it at least looks a little more natural. For now, I think we’re all willing to tolerate a little inconsistency in lettering if it means moving the story onward and upward!

I’ll have more updates (comics and unrelated coming soon as well). A lot has happened this past year! If you’re the kind that likes his or her news as fresh as possible, feel free to follow my “Swoops” on Twitter (@duttonart).

Thanks for sticking around everyone!


…could probably retitle this with something out of the ole “Miss Musso Excuse File” (quick! name that show). At any rate, I promised someone who commented here a while back a more formal explanation as to why posting hasn’t resumed like I thought it would, and here it is:

Welcome Elliot

You guessed it – my wife and I had our first child a little while back… just go along with the notion that the above characters are not Topo and Mari… kinda like how Miyazaki’s characters all look the same. ;)  That is Swoop, however, standing in for my cat, who was too jealous to be a part of the family moment.

We’ve got our hands full at the moment, as you can imagine, but it has been an incredibly rewarding experience.  That said, I am actively working on roughing out the next chunk of the story.  It’s all there in my head, but I want to get it right, since a few big reveals are juuuust about to happen. Seriously.

See you guys soon!

Catching Up

Hey guys, you won’t believe this– and I wouldn’t blame you one bit– but I’m about to start posting comics again!


Things might look a little different…  a little rust here, a little bit of experimenting there… but hopefully we’ll pick right back up where we left off in no time. Thanks for hanging in there.