Guest Comic: Audra Ann Furuichi of Nemu-Nemu
March 24th, 2010

Guest Comic: Audra Ann Furuichi of Nemu-Nemu

As the title says, today’s comic is brought to you by Audra Ann Furuichi of Nemu-Nemu fame!

I’ve been holding onto this beautiful page for a long time now, hoping to squeeze the moment into the actual storyline, but I’ve finally decided with the weather warming up and spring in the air, now was the perfect time to show it. (Sorry it took so long, Audra!)  And just in case you guys need a tiny refresher, Audra’s page is alluding to this moment a while back.

What's the difference?

Audra and Scott over at Nemu-Nemu consistently put out great work over at Nemu-Nemu and I am always poking my head in to see what they’re up to.  Not only is their comic wonderfully lovable, you get the sense they love it too and are very enthusiastic about what they do, whether it’s traveling the comic convention circuit, coming up with the coolest T-shirts (I ran into someone last year wearing this one!), going to local bookstores to meet their young fans, or even giving their main characters their own Twitter accounts.  Of course, there’s the comic itself, full of rich characters, colors, and catchy phrases! All of these things together are inspiring to say the least, like maybe some day I can do all those things too!  Audra’s take on Topo, Swoop, and Mari will have to do for now. :)

Hope you guys enjoy today’s page. Now please hop on over to Nemu-Nemu!



  1. Bruce

    Cool! It’s nice to see someone else’s take on your characters, Mike, Well Done, Audra!

  2. Shane

    Absolutely awesome! Aha! Two of my most-regularly read webcomics in one spot. I love strip comic because unlike a lot of guest comics, it can be put kinda into cannon. Great job you two, and it makes me want to go searching out in Toronto for a legitimate Gelato shop (Candy-Store Gelato doesn’t count) again now that it’s warmer out. Still, I think it’ll be hard to divert me from my newest obsession with Marble Slab Ice Cream.

    I also find it fitting that an aside like this is done in a different style so that it doesn’t feel like you’re retconing something, but that it’s a legitimate aside, done in a different style in order to convey its nature in a different time than where the main strip is right now.

    I remember how awesome Mike’s Nemu*Nemu page was from a while back too. You guys should do more of these guest strips of each other. They complement each other really well by playing with each other’s style. Well done Audra and Mike!

  3. Daebiya

    Beautiful, I love it! The colors in this are fantastic.

  4. Tiffany prothero

    I really like this page Mike, Your making me hungry. ;) <3

  5. Duttonart

    Hey, don’t blame me, blame the artist!

  6. Fabio from The Disappearing One

    Here I am…I finally got to the end! :-( This trip was great anyway, so THANK YOU !!!

  7. Maria

    Here from nemu.nemu, and I have to say–WOW! What a great comic. Can’t wait to see what happens to Topo and Swoop now!

    Also, any bear that loves gelato is a friend of mine. Did you know his name in Italian means “mouse”? Was that intentional? Just curious…it seems fitting, somehow. Good luck to you!

    Maria >^.,.^<

  8. Duttonart

    Hi Maria, welcome! I’m glad to hear that you enjoy the comic. I’m not entirely sure, but someone may have mentioned ‘Topo’ meaning ‘mouse’ in Italian before. It seems familiar. There’s one page where he jokes about his name being short for Topographical Chart…. and that’s actually where his name comes from. He’s a big planner who needs to have all the gear and maps after all. ;)

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