The Gelato Gang
March 17th, 2010

The Gelato Gang

Hey everyone, I’m sorry for slowing down again, but it’s crunchtime on getting my first children’s book done. I only have a few weeks to finish up and unfortunately for you guys, I need to spend all my available time working on that. In the meantime, I thought this sketch commission I did a while back might take the edge off the wait.

On the topic of gelato, I also have a GREAT guest comic I’ve been hanging onto for a very long time now. I wanted to find a spot to fit it within the storyline, but I think I’ll need to just post it on its own.  And really, it deserves its own spotlight. Stay tuned!


  1. Dewi Morgan

    Go on, TELL me I’m the only one who misread that sign at first.
    I won’t believe you.

  2. tbolt

    Good luck with the book! I pray that all will go well for you, and I’ll still be hanging around when you get back to this project! =^^=

  3. Daebiya

    Keep at it! It’ll be done soon. Can’t wait for more Swoop in the future.
    Our new collaboration animation will be done next week. Topo makes an appearance :)

  4. Shane

    Sweet dude, I can’t wait to see it on shelves! Heck, I’ll probably buy one too, I’m a child at heart <3 :D!

  5. Fabio from The Disappearing One

    This one is GREAT !!!!! I love it

  6. Dina Dewees

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    post to my weblog?

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