April 2nd, 2010


Hi Everyone! Today’s page is another departure from the story as I continue to plug away on the deadline for my first kids book. This is a commission I did not too long ago, based on all the traveling my wife and I like to do. (The patron actually came up with this idea, and even provided a very lovely sketch!) In case you’re wondering, once the story is back on track, most of these one shot pages will be moved to their own section.

Speaking of travel, deadlines, and being busy in general, here are a couple updates. My wife and I will be taking off for Korea tomorrow to visit my parents. I haven’t been to Korea in over twenty years. I spent part of my childhood growing up there, and being half-Korean I’ve always felt a little guilty about not going back. Better late than never, right?

I always seem to be the busiest whenever we’re about to take off somewhere. I’ve pulled all nighters the night before just about every trip we’ve ever taken. This trip will be no exception. I’ll be up tonight then bringing the laptop with me to work overseas. At least the book is looking quite nice.

There’s oneĀ  last update but I’m so excited and yet still slightly nervous about jinxing it that I want to wait until it’s a little more official before announcing it. Stay tuned!


  1. Mary

    Happy Easter, Mike!

  2. Leah

    It’s never to late to go back home and this is an awesome piece! I can’t wait be to share this comic with my daughter, I’m also excited to see your book and read that to her as well. :)

  3. itch

    if you’re still alive…say something…please

  4. Lady

    Over three months since a comic update, and almost two months since any update. Sad sad sad.

    Although I have to be glad you’re busy with good work.

  5. Chandelle


  6. Chandelle

    where are you from and where can we buy your books pleas write back at

  7. The Noodge

    Miss this comic.

  8. Duttonart

    I do too. :( I’m doing my best to get going again. Sorry for the wait.

  9. Mara

    I check this comic at least once a week, I hope it comes back soon, it’s one of my favorites!!

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