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…We’ll be right back.

Sorry for the very long absence, gang. The past few months have been a whirlwind for me, wrapping up my first kids book, traveling to Korea, and – most of all – starting a full-time job at Google as a logo designer (the team that does those fun homepage doodles).  I’m finally settling into a stable routine and getting the hang of things, so I’ve started working on drafts for the next installments of ‘Swoop’.  I’d apologize a hundred times over for the delay, but I think the only way to make it up to you all is to just get back on the workhorse.

Thanks for your patience, especially to those with the thin-wearing kind. ;)


  1. eric orchard

    I hadn’t heard about the Google job, very cool! Congratulations. Well, there are lots of great old pages of yours to catch up on.

  2. Larry

    Glad to have you back creating new Swoops! Will you be sharing your artwork for the kids book?

  3. Duttonart

    Hi Eric and Larry, thanks. Unfortunately, I can’t share any of the artwork (not even a teaser) until early Spring of 2011. Sorry! Hopefully I’ll have plenty of new Swoop pages up by then. :)

  4. Esn

    This is very good news for you, though!

    Take your time; though I’m selfishly impatient, I’ll get an RSS notification whenever you choose to come back. :)

  5. JHSpence

    Congratulations on your google job :) I can barely w8 to see what is gonna happen next

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