The Point is This
June 24th, 2011

The Point is This

Well, it’s only taken a little over a year… okay, okay, nearly a year and a half. But here it is. One new page! I’m hopeful I’ll be able to maintain a slightly quicker pace now that things are finally settling down at my day job. Big apologies to everyone for stopping the story just when things were really starting to develop. Additional apologies for going back to the computer generated font…. truth be told, a minor part of the delay is just not having the time to even do the Ames Guide lines for the hand-drawn font. My plan in the near future, however, is to take my own font and digitize it so that it at least looks a little more natural. For now, I think we’re all willing to tolerate a little inconsistency in lettering if it means moving the story onward and upward!

I’ll have more updates (comics and unrelated coming soon as well). A lot has happened this past year! If you’re the kind that likes his or her news as fresh as possible, feel free to follow my “Swoops” on Twitter (@duttonart).

Thanks for sticking around everyone!


  1. StrangeQuark

    Well there’s an unexpected but ever so lovely surprise!! :D

  2. Esn

    Holey moley! Welcome back! Thank you!

    I can’t even guess what Max is planning to do…

  3. Jeremy

    Yay! One Swoop came back! I still love it so much! :D

    The colors look slightly off in this page, but that might be part of getting back into the comic.

  4. Tom

    Great to you back, Mike! Don’t apologize for using a digital font, man. First, it’s a nice font. Second, only insane people still hand letter if they still have a day job! Think of how much time and strain you’re saving. Hand lettering is great, but the page isn’t suffering from it. Looking forward to more!

  5. J.

    So glad to see a new page! I was thinking about this comic only a couple of days ago and lamented that I might never know how it ends. Thank goodness for Twitter!

  6. TCK

    Wow! You’re back! It’s been so long, I thought the site had died or something! Welcome back to the land of the living! ;)

  7. hpkomic

    Are you using a new inking style?

  8. Devon

    You’re back! :D This makes me so happy, you’ve no idea! I missed the gang. <3

  9. Dranorter

    Wow! I don’t remember what’s going on… I’ll maybe try to reread the archive tomorrow or something? …hmmm

  10. Kellswitch

    I am so excited you are back! Thank you for taking the time again to create and share this with us. I’m going back and reread the whole thing (again) just for the sheer pleasure of it…well that and to make sure I really know what is going on.

  11. Duttonart

    Thanks! I’m glad to be back. I’m not near my once a week pace yet, but it’s definitely going to be far more frequent than the one post per year habit of late. :)

  12. OldPapa

    Annnnnd… now we wait again!!!

  13. Garrett

    Post MORE!

  14. OldPapa

    I should know better than to get my hopes up. I’m an old guy… there isn’t time for a “once a year” serial comic!

  15. Tasia

    While I understand that you do not exist to serve us, I feel that as your fans, we should be given some kind of heads-up here… How often can we expect for you to post, reasonably? I love Swoop and the gang, but this is becoming disappointing.

  16. Duttonart

    Hi Tasia, I will post a more formal update and answer to this, but the short end of it is my wife and I just had our first child and we have been spending a good deal of our time in the hospital since he is a month premature. I intend to work on the comic again, and realize that there is a contract between fan and author – which is mutually frustrating for me not to be able to honor, but for the time being, my priorities are elsewhere. Sorry for disappointing.

  17. Iz

    Hi, hope your wife and baby soon get well.

  18. Marcus

    Congratulations on being a father Mike. I pray and hope your wife and child will get well soon.

  19. Tasia

    Ah, see, now I feel bad for using the word “disappointing.” I’m really sorry to hear that. ]: Clearly you’ve had your priorities straight all along, and I truly hope your family’s all safe and sound.

  20. EMB

    I saw you on google doodle video, and remembered One Swoop Fell. Man, I know how priorities got to change what we are doing. Indeed, I know how many around will not understand this. So, hoping you get your time to do this, without leaving what is more important for you. Take care.

  21. Kylogram

    I miss this comic.

  22. Willi

    Lovely doodle today. :)

  23. dranorter

    Oh nobody has commented in quite a long time! Hope this comic comes back some day!

  24. Sean


  25. Willi

    Sigh… I do miss this comic.

    Happy holidays! I hope you’re fine.

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