The Point is This
Friday — June 24th, 2011

The Point is This

Well, it’s only taken a little over a year… okay, okay, nearly a year and a half. But here it is. One new page! I’m hopeful I’ll be able to maintain a slightly quicker pace now that things are finally settling down at my day job. Big apologies to everyone for stopping the story just when things were really starting to develop. Additional apologies for going back to the computer generated font…. truth be told, a minor part of the delay is just not having the time to even do the Ames Guide lines for the hand-drawn font. My plan in the near future, however, is to take my own font and digitize it so that it at least looks a little more natural. For now, I think we’re all willing to tolerate a little inconsistency in lettering if it means moving the story onward and upward!

I’ll have more updates (comics and unrelated coming soon as well). A lot has happened this past year! If you’re the kind that likes his or her news as fresh as possible, feel free to follow my “Swoops” on Twitter (@duttonart).

Thanks for sticking around everyone!

After these messages…

…We’ll be right back.

Sorry for the very long absence, gang. The past few months have been a whirlwind for me, wrapping up my first kids book, traveling to Korea, and – most of all – starting a full-time job at Google as a logo designer (the team that does those fun homepage doodles).  I’m finally settling into a stable routine and getting the hang of things, so I’ve started working on drafts for the next installments of ‘Swoop’.  I’d apologize a hundred times over for the delay, but I think the only way to make it up to you all is to just get back on the workhorse.

Thanks for your patience, especially to those with the thin-wearing kind. ;)

Video: Making of “Pot.Kettle”

Hope you guys will enjoy my brother Dave’s latest video on the making of a Swoop comic. Once again, he makes me look like a natural… although he did insist on showing me white something out. When you guys are done here, be sure to check out his website. Thanks, and enjoy!

One Swoop Fell – Pot. Kettle. from David Dutton on Vimeo.